Do you feel like you are losing time with your clients or building your business because your processes are just not working cohesively?

Welcome to

The Freedom to Focus Method!

I see you. 

You are making it work, but you are frustrated. The processes you have in place for your business are there, but they aren't necessarily working for you and some days, it seems like they are working against you.

You want a system that will allow you to seamlessly bring in new clients without you holding their hand or making adjustments with every single step.

You want a system that will lessen the amount of back and forth just to get those calls scheduled and your calendar on track.

I told you, I see you. 

I'm here to help you.

Let's take a deep dive into your processes and systems and get you on track to work on your business rather than in your business.


It really is possible. 

This 90-minute in-depth session will allow me to take a look at how your current system is working, or rather NOT working and give you the solutions that can give you the freedom of time to focus on your clients and business, without the frustration and stress that has taken that time away from you!

Sound like a dream come true? See below for the process.

How the Freedom to Focus Method Works

Step 1

  • Schedule your 90-minute deep dive session 

  • Complete the business systems questionnaire to prepare for the session.

Step 2

Priscilla will meet you on Zoom video for your

90-minute deep dive where we will discuss the systems and processes of your business that aren't working for you.

Step 3

After the meeting, Priscilla will send you: 

  • The recording of the deep dive session

  • A written recommendation on how to improve your systems or processes

  • A 14 day follow up session to discuss any questions you may have.

Freedom to Focus Method Details


What this package includes...

A 90 - minute Zoom session where we will dive into your business systems and how they are currently working, or not working.

A recording of the session for you to go back to and reference at any time. 

A written recommendation of which programs and processes would work better for your business. 

A 14-day followup session to discuss any questions that you may have and to review any systems that you have implemented.

Freedom to Focus Method Investment: $497.00

What is not included in this package....

Implementation of recommended plan for systems setup.

Ongoing management of systems/programs

Any training or technical support around the systems or programs being recommended


Add-on Services Available

These services are available to you in addition to the deep dive. 

Single Platform Setup

starting at $327.00

Four Platform Setup Package

starting at $1197.00

Ongoing Management and Support

starting at $397.00